Carpet Cleaning


Dupont-circle-carpet-cleaning has one objective as a top priority: to give the majority of our clients with the most perfectly rug cleaning at a competitive cost. To do this we’ve created a cleaning process that incorporates everything required to do the employment appropriately – as well as better.

Dupont-circle-carpet-cleaning utilizes a low dampness floor covering cleaning procedure. Our cleaning system utilizes essentially less water than most systems (we use around 60% – 70% less water as a rule) which offers Quick dry times being the greatest. Some water extraction procedures can take anywhere in the range of six to ten hours to dry. Our low dampness procedure means dry cover in two hours or less.

Don’t get us wrong, in any case we utilize water! Simply not to the extent that a percentage of alternate organizations out there.

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An alternate profit of utilizing less dampness implies that spots, stains and movement paths are more averse to re-show up because of snappy dry times. We don’t over wet the rugs when we clean and accordingly less water is deserted. At the point when rugs take excessively long to dry this is on account of there is an unnecessary measure of water remaining. A lot of water sitting in your rug can bring about a re-appearance of stains, earth and grime.

We likewise utilize gear intended to evacuate dirt and grime and more through a procedure known as ‘wavering’. To be particular, this is a machine that moves the rug here and there, side to side and all around. The wavering lifts the rug fiber and really cleans in the middle of each one strand, instead of wet methodologies, which infuse water and cleanser into the rug and depend on the extraction (vacuuming) to do the greater part of the work. The cleaning cleansers we utilize (exemplification a procedure in which the cleaning solvents break down, encompass and catch the soil and grime in your floor covering) and exchange earth straightforwardly from the strands to our machine and cushions, leaving your rug clean and free of pollution.

Dry Foam Extraction –in this low dampness process, a cleaning result is infused into the floor covering and an machine is utilized to whip the result into froth. A wet/dry vacuum is then used to concentrate the froth and the dirt together.

Steam Cleaning –In the wake of applying a cleanser based answer for the floor covering, pressurized, hot is utilized to flush out the buildup and soil.
We use several different methods that will have your carpet clean fresh and have your home feeling refreshed.
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