How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned

Carpet cleaning is vital as it can be expensive to get them replaced. And the one you are owning is already your investment so maintaining the cleanliness of carpets is necessary to both save your time and money. It has been proven that having carpets in homes or commercial space provides various benefits in distinct aspects. This includes comfort, warmth, the capability of absorbing dust, dirt pollutants, and more.

So, there are several ways by which various particles enter the carpets and regular carpet cleaning comes as the solution. But do you know how often you should clean your rugs or carpets? Let’s discuss this in detail.


Regular vacuuming of carpets is essential and must be executed frequently. Now you might be thinking why frequent vacuuming? This helps in the removal of various dust and dirt particles which can make the carpets look dull and unhealthy if left unaddressed.

However, the vacuuming frequency will all depend on how often carpets are used and whether it is prone to high traffic. If you have pets or kids at home then you should vacuum the carpets every other day to keep all the waste particles away and your kids healthy.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

If we talk about facts then cleaning the carpets is very beneficial no matter if you do it on own or hire the services of carpet cleaning in Philadelphia. However, getting the carpets cleaned professionally once or twice a year is really important.

Trapping of various particles, allergens, and bacteria in the carpets tend to leave a foul smell, especially if you have pets at home. So, regular vacuuming can sometimes fail in getting rid of this odor but professionals make use of effective carpet cleaning products leaving the carpets clean and odor-free. Further, hiring the experts of carpet cleaning extends the longevity and saves you money.

So, apart from professional cleaning, daily cleaning routines and maintenance is important to achieve everything from cleanliness, freshness to a healthy environment. However, if you need carpet cleaning services then you can visit us at Dupont Circle Carpet Cleaning where all our talented experts strive to provide the absolute both in terms of workmanship and customer service.

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